• Scratch Adhesion Tester NOVOTEST C1-5178
  • Scratch Adhesion Tester NOVOTEST C1-5178
  • Scratch Adhesion Tester NOVOTEST C1-5178
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Scratch Adhesion Tester NOVOTEST C1-M

Device is used for determining the adhesion and resistance to damage by scratching in according to ASTM D 2197 “Method of determining the adhesion of organic coatings through scratching”.

The device complies with the requirements ISO 12137-1, ASTM D 5178, ASTM D 2197.

This device is designed for the analysis the resistance of the coating for scratching. The cutting unit with interchangeable intenders is pressing on the surface with load and moves to the predetermined distance.

Depending on the purpose of the testing and the applied load, the degree of penetration of the cutting unit into coating could be different, from the trace on surface to a total destruction of the coating. Device determines the resistance of the coating to scratching.

Modern requirements to the quality of coatings include control of the mechanical resistance of coatings to damage. The one important criterion of its assessment is the hardness of the coatings. For the different requirements there are various methods of the hardness (strength) testing of coatings.

  • Simplicity
  • Usability
  • Reliability
  • Accuracy
Stroke length, not less than, mm 100
Length of the scratches, not less than, mm 75
Adjustable load on the indenter from 50 grams to 10,5 kg
Used indenters:
–       U-shaped diameter – 1.6 mm ; outer radius – 3,25mm.
–       circular diameter – 18 mm, thickness – 6.5 mm, radius of rounding – 3.25 mm
  • Indenters
  • Set of loads (50 g, 500 g)
  • Instrument
  • Set of loads (1 × 50 g, 2 × 500 g)
  • Indenters: U-shaped – 1pc., Circular – 1pc.
  • Hex key – 2pcs.
  • Operating manual
  • Package