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Coating Thickness gauge NOVOTEST TPN-1

Coating Thickness Knife Tester NOVOTEST  TPN-1 (Paint Inspection Gauge) is designed to measure the thickness of both single and multiple layer coatings on any grounds, both metallic and non-metallic. The operation principle is based on the local cut (notch) of the coating at the tested place of object with following thickness measurement of this coating. The thickness of coating is determined by the width of notch, it is possible because of the special form of cutter of the instrument. The measurement is performed by any portable measuring microscope with a suitable measuring range and discreteness.


Coating Thickness Knife Tester NOVOTEST TPN-1  (Paint Inspection Gauge) complies with  ISO 2808, ASTM B 4138, DIN EN 1071-2.

Instrument allows user to determine the thickness of each layer individually for multilayer coatings.

Thickness measurement range, µm Depends on the length of scale microscope
Measurement accuracy Half of scale unit of the microscope
Discontinuous of measurements Depends on the cutter
Dimensions, mm, no more 170*50*50


Operation principle of the Coating Thickness Knife Tester NOVOTEST TPN-1 (Paint Inspection Gauge):

1) Install the cutter to instrument with necessary angle of sharpening

2) Put the instrument on the surface of tested object

3) Press on the instrument and cut the notch up to base

4) Clean the surface from exfoliated pieces of coating

5) By using a microscope, measure the width of V-form notch

6) Determine a thickness of coating, through multiplying the width value of the notch by the coefficient (1; 0,4; 0,1), depending on cutter.

  • Cutters
  • Microscope
  • Handle-holder
  • 3 interchangeable cutters
  • Operating manual
  • Case