Comprehensive approach for coatings testing. 2) Adhesion testing

2) Adhesion testing


There are many different methods for testing the adhesion of coatings, based on different approaches. The adhesion and strength of the coating is tested with shock, tear of, bending, scratching and other methods to figure out how good your protection from any impact and corrosion is. Choosing the method that suits you the best, consider type of your coating and your substrate. Tensile Adhesion Tester NOVOTEST AC-1 uses “tear off” approach. It’s advantage is very precise result in MPa.

The cross cuts is the most popular because of it’s simplicity. First you need to apply lattice cuts on the surface of the tested coating. Then use the adhesive tape to the incised surface and quickly remove it. To find out the adhesion value, evaluate visually the quantity of exfoliate squares (fully or partly). The method is very quick and easy.  The Cross Cut Adhesion Tester NOVOTEST AN-1 is used to apply this metod.



Scratch Adhesion Tester NOVOTEST C1-M. is an other example of a device that is using that same principle.
 Bitumen And Mastic Insulation Adhesion Tester NOVOTEST CM-1M is used for evaluating of bitumen and mastic pipe coatings. The adhesion of this type of coatings is derived from the force needed for biasing of portion of covering of one square centimeter.


Peel Adhesion Tester NOVOTEST AP-1M is designed to measure the adhesive strength value of polymeric insulating tapes which are generally used for pipes insulation.