Comprehensive approach for coatings testing. 4) Strength testing

4) Strength testing


Strength testing of coatings can be divided into: 1) Bending strength; 2) Impact strength; 3) Tensile strength.


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• Bending strength
It is the one of the easiest methods to test coatings, but, in spite of this, it gives quit a lot of information about quality of the painting. Bending Coating Tester NOVOTEST BEND-H1 or Bending Coating Tester NOVOTEST BEND-M1 are designed to help you to use this method. By rounding a thing coated plate around rods with different diameter you can figure out the coating’s quality finding the least of the rods, that would not cause damage to the coating on the plate. The rods have diameters from 1 to 20 mm. The better the elasticity of the coating the thinner rod it takes to damage it.



• Impact strength

The impact strength is tested by dropping an impactor of a certain weight finding the highest starting position that the coating can stay without being damaged by the impact. After each drop of the coating condition is assessed visually, and if no any visible mechanical damage is found the drop is repeated from a higher position, until the damage occurs. Impact Tester NOVOTEST STRIKE U1 was created to carry out such tests. The device consists of a frame, an anvil, the sinker and the guide tube with a freely falling impactor . There are several versions of the device with different kinds of weight, size and form of impactor, sinker and anvil, that comply with different standards.



• Tensile strength
The method is based on measuring the extrusion depth of the coated metal plate at the coating fracture point, while indentation of a spherical punch into the plate. The Erichsen Cupping Test NOVOTEST SE-1 is used this kind of tests.Bending Coating Tester NOVOTEST BEND-1H , Bending Coating Tester NOVOTEST BEND-M1 and the Erichsen Cupping Test NOVOTEST SE-1 are precise devices, that help to find the elasticity of paint coatings. Knowing the elasticity of coatings user can decide about the ability of the paint coatings to be deformed without cracking or exfoliating after drying.