Comprehensive approach for coatings testing. 1) Viscosity testing

In order to ensure the quality and durability of application of the coatings it is highly necessary to monitor them.

So that we consider all types of coatings testing to:


1) Viscosity testing  


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The  value of viscosity of paints and other liquids is a very important factor. For example, if using the paint which has the viscosity value lower than normal, it will cause drips and sags on the coating; if the paint has the viscosity value higher than the standard, the coating will have a defect like «orange peel».
To test the viscosity value the Viscosity Flow Cup NOVOTEST VZ is used. Viscosity cup is available in two models: on a tripod – Viscosity Flow Cup NOVOTEST VZ and a of submersible type – Viscosity Dip Cup NOVOTEST VZ-P.


Viscosity cup is a reservoir shaped like a funnel with three interchangeable nozzles.

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The operating principle of the viscometer is based on determining the time of the expiration of a certain volume of the tested liquid through the nozzle.

For conventional viscosity of paints, it takes a certain time (in seconds) of continuous flowing of a definite quantity of tested material through the calibrated nozzle of viscometer. Kinematic viscosity is determined by formulas or by tables and graphs according to the measured flow time.

The variations of number and sizes of nozzles are used for different kinds of liquids or according to the different standards.


Also is used the Viscosity Dip Mug NOVOTEST VMS. Viscosity Dip Mug used to determine the convectional viscosity of the dispersion polyvinyl-acetate homopolymers coarse-dispersion.