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Density Cup NOVOTEST P-1

The method of measuring of the density consist of determining the mass of tested material, which is placed to the container (pycnometer) of  known volume at a certain temperature. To calculate the density the obtained weight divided  by volume of tested liquid.

Density cup (pycnometer) NOVOTEST P-1 is complies with ISO 2811-1.


Operation principle

The tested material is poured into pycnometer, after that the cap is covered with overflow hole. Surpluses of fluid, which are flowing through overflow hole carefully removed with a soft material (if necessary, moistened with solvent).


The density of paint or other material is calculated by formula:

ρ = (m2 — m0) / V, where

m0 – mass of empty pycnometer, g

m2 – mass of pycnometer with tested material, g

V – volume of pycnometer cm3.

  • Easy in operation
  • Competitive price
Volume of pycnometer, cm3 100 or 50
Weight, g, no more 100

Other volumes of pycnometer on request.

  • Pycnometer
  • Operating manual
  • Case

Density Cup NOVOTEST PYCNOMETER P-1. Video review