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Brinell Hardness Tester NOVOTEST TS-B-C1

Digital Brinell Hardness Tester NOVOTEST TS-B-C1 is a bench-top hardness tester that employs the Brinell hardness test method in line with ISO 6506-2 and ASTM E10. NOVOTEST TS-B-C1 is a brand new, high-tech product combining optical, mechanical, and digital techniques with an excellent look and amazing reliability. The features include direct viewing of measurement results and automated operation, and for this reason, it’s a cutting-edge Brinell testing device with a special combination of mechanical and digital approaches.

Key features of NOVOTEST TS-B-C1: 

Automated operation for the highest precision 

The device has a fully automatic load application cycle: loading, dwell of the test load, and unloading. The motorized hard-alloy indenter and electronic control system allow for making measurements with high precision. The absence of mechanical weights allows to avoid friction and vibration sensitivity on the machine. As the device applies the load automatically throughout the entire measurement cycle, human error is excluded at all stages of the measurement. The device uses a round indenter along with the control system. It is highly accurate, gives repeatable results, is reliable and easy to operate. 


A wide range of test forces for different materials 

Hardness tester NOVOTEST TS-B-C1 uses a wide range of test forces for test objects of various types and sizes. The TS-B-C1 has 10 testing force settings that allow hardness values to be measured using each of the ten Brinell hardness scales: from 62.5kgf to 3000kgf. 


Wide range of test parts

Brinell hardness tester uses the heavy testing force (large indentation), so the device can be used to test the hardness of almost any metal with low and high levels of hardness. Mainly, it is suitable for hardness measurement of:

  • coarse-grain metal materials (casted parts, non-ferrous metals and alloys);
  • various tempered steels, hardening and tempering steels; 
  • products from soft metals (pure aluminium, lead, tin) and others.  

The maximum height of the test object is 220 mm and it can be increased up to 500 mm by request, while the maximum depth is 135 mm. 


Auxiliary portable microscope with backlight

The measurement imprints can be viewed through the 20X microscope with a backlight that is supplied in the delivery set. The microscope’s accuracy is 0.005 mm so the imprint can be checked in the tiniest details. It should be noted also that the microscope is not built-in but portable. So, the imprint of the test object can be measured and analyzed not only when it is located on the table, but also separately. This makes the microscope multifunctional and it can be used for other purposes. 


Connectivity to PC

The measurement records can be also printed out using the built-in printer and sent to PC via RS-232 interface. This allows you to quickly print out the measurement results on paper or PC and generate a test report. 


Optional Digital camera-microscope system + PC software

Also, an additional digital Brinell camera imprint measuring system can be purchased for analysis and measurement of the imprints with even greater precision! The camera-microscope is placed over the imprint from the test object and is connected to a PC through special software. The system defines the image and measures its diameter, and calculates the hardness value that is displayed on the screen. The readings can be saved in the program database along with the images of imprints. The system significantly simplifies and speeds up the analysis for users, reduces the possibility of human error, and gives a unique opportunity for documenting the testing results. This gives the instrument the functionality of the top Brinell hardness testers.

  • 10 test loads
  • Easy to choose the hardness scale
  • Automatic controlling the force of the load
  • Fully automatic load application to exclude human error in the measurement cycle 
  • A wide range of test forces for testing materials with different hardness
  • A large testing space for parts of different shapes and sizes
  • Data output to PC 
  • Printing results through built-in printer 
  • Connection to a digital camera measurement system (optionally) 
  • Easy menu navigation 
  • Easy measurement procedure
  • High-quality materials and workmanship 
  • High durability
  • Long life
  • Warranty and lifelong after-sales support the cover spare parts
  • Competitive price
Brinell scales
  • HBW 2.5/62.5
  • HBW 2.5/187.5
  • HBW 5/62.5
  • HBW 5/125
  • HBW 5/250
  • HBW 5/750
  • HBW 10/100
  • HBW 10/250
  • HBW 10/500
  • HBW 10/1000
  • HBW 10/1500
  • HBW 10/3000
Conversion to other scales Manual conversion by the conversion tables for Rockwell and Vickers scales
Test forces
  • 62.5kgf (612.9N)
  • 100kgf (980.7N)
  • 125kgf (1226N)
  • 187.5kgf (1839N)
  • 250kgf (2452N)
  • 500kgf (4903N)
  • 750kgf (7355N)
  • 1000kgf (9807N)
  • 1500kgf (14710N)
  • 3000kgf (29420N)
Measurement accuracy ≤125 HB: ±3,0 %125 < HBW ≤ 225: ±2.5 %>225: ±2.0 %
Dwell time 5 – 60 s, adjustable
Testing materials
  • Steel and cast iron
  • Сoarse-grain metal materials (casted parts, non-ferrous metals and alloys, copper and copper alloys)
  • Tempered steels, hardened and tempered steels
  • Soft metals (pure aluminum, lead, tin) and others
  • Hard plastics and bakelite
Size and requirements to test objects Thick and small and large objects with rough surface such as rusty and roughly machined parts
Hardness test range 8 ~ 650 HBW
Microscope magnification  20x
Microscope resolution 0.005 mm
Maximum height of the test object 220 mm (optionally 500 mm)
Maximum depth of the test object 135 mm
Data output
  • Digital display
  • RS-232
  • Printer (optional)
Type  Digital, electronic
The power source and the voltage AC 220V ± 5%, 50-60 Hz
Dimensions 650 x 500 x 850 mm
Net weight ~130 kg
Gross weight ~140 kg
Color Blue
  • Brinell indenters (d = 2.5 mm; 5 mm, and 10 mm) and others
  • Standard hardness test blocks HB, HBW, and others
  • Additional 20X measuring microscope with the backlight
  • Digital Brinell camera imprint measuring system and РС software
  • Large testing table (d=20 cm)
  • Medium testing table (d=6 cm)
  • V-shaped testing table (d=8 cm)
  • Bolt adjuster
  • Other types of power supply
  • Power cable
  • Fuse 
  • Calibration certificate and/or indenters from an independent metrology agency
  • Brinell Hardness Tester NOVOTEST TS-B-C1 – 1 pc
  • Hard alloy steel balls (d=2.5; 5, and 10 mm) – 1 pc each
  • 20X measuring microscope – 1 pc
  • Large testing table (d=20 mm) – 1 pc
  • Medium testing table (d=60 mm) – 1 pc
  • V-shaped testing table (d=80 mm) – 1 pc
  • Brinell hardness test blocks:
    HBW/3000/10 (150~250) – 1 pc
    HBW/1000/10 (75~125) – 1 pс
    HBW/187.5/2.5 (150~250) – 1 pc
  • Bolt adjuster – 4 pcs
  • Power supply unit with cable – 1 pc
  • Fuse – 2 pcs
  • Operation manual 
  • Transportation box