Hardness testers

Hardness testers of metal objects – are devices that measure the hardness value of various kinds of metals without disturbing the structure and integrity of the tested object. For measuring the hardness value, a mechanical impact on the surface of the tested object releases, the result determines the hardness value. The choice of the devices type depends on the conditions in which user plans to perform the hardness testing – in “field”, in laboratories or workshops. For measurements in a laboratory or a workshop stationary and portable hardness testers are suitable, but for “field” conditions – only portable are. To choose a hardness tester type the material of tested object (metal, alloy, etc.) should be considered. 4 popular measurement scales for measuring the hardness value  are used the most:
1 MCV-10

– for soft metals – Brinell and Shore scales;

– for medium – Rockwell scale;

– for the hardest – Vickers scale.


Functionality of a portable hardness tester depends on it’s model. For example, the combined hardness tester T-UD2 has integrated memory and PC synchronization function. The most functional model of portable hardness testers is T-UD3 – it is the world’s first hardness tester with photo registration of tested objects, large full colour graphic display with bright back-lighting, calibration of any scale in any range, internal memory and connection with PC, also it allows user to make a test in extended temperature range (up to 20 C° below zero).


When and where are the hardness testers used?


In most cases hardness testers are used:

– at large industrial facilities (especially mechanical engineering);

– during building a new metal constructions or producing materials, products (research institutes and laboratories at enterprises);

– for determining the quality of raw materials or workpieces;

– for hardness measurement of a wide range of products before and after heat treatment;

– for the input and output quality control of products, components and tools.


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Complete with hardness testers are often acquired reference samples. There are metal ingots, which are the reference for the various hardness scales.