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Impact Tester NOVOTEST STRIKE-U30630

The device NOVOTEST IMPACT COATING STRENGTH Tester is used to check the resistance of technical products to external factors during operation (such as punching, impacts), as well as verification of manufacturer’s specifications. Due to usage in strength tester high quality materials have reached longer operation service life and easy maintenance. Complies with GOST 30630.1.10-2013 and IEC 60068-2-75: 1997

Device operation

That type of device, standardized characteristics are able to measuring and verified by impacts on the shell of product with an impact device. Depending on the mass or force of impact that must be held by the test object, it is necessary to select Vertical transfer line, in accordance with the table data below:


Device operation

Flexibility of required tests

Various specification of the impact device are available for selection in accordance with the standards according to Gost, IEC, ISO and ASTM.

Device design

Due to three adjustable feet tester can be fixed practically on any surface. Device chassis have made of structural steel and coated by powder for durable use in severe condition.


Energy level selection

To achieve strikes with a certain force, it is necessary to select the height of the striking object in accordance with the tabular data:


Energy level selection

  • Ability to make a choice of impact striker
  • Simple construction
  • Individual order and manufacturing specific characteristic.
Standart Gost 30630.1.10 / IEC 60068-2-75:1997
Load weight, kg/pound up to 10 / 22.04
Weight, not more, Kg/pound 21.5/46.29
Striker ball diameter, mm/inch 50/1.96
Terms of use
Ambient temperature °С -45 up to +40 °С/ -49 up to 104 °F
Relative humidity,% 80% under 25°С
Atmosphere pressure, kPa 84 up to 106,7

That is able to have chose impact strength tester with specific combination. That could be Striker ball diameter, Striker weight and Device scale length. If it`s needed any design changes, add some technical parameters as a comment to the item card.

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