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Leeb Hardness Test Blocks HLD, HLG

Leeb Hardness Test Blocks are used for calibration the hardness testers according to Leeb method.


Leeb hardness testing complies to ASTM E18, DIN 50156 and ASTM A956.


Leeb Hardness Test Block is produced of carbon or alloy steel, has one tested area (operating side) which has the required hardness. The tested area will have several indenter prints as factory final final calibration tests.


Also, each calibration block has it’s identification number on its lateral surface.

  • Competitive price
Measurement range 530±40 HLD
630±40 HLD
790±40 HLD

  • diameter
  • height
90 mm
55 mm
Weight 2.9 kg

If user need another range of values, please discuss the order before payment.


Also there are available other types of Leeb test blocks, such as G-type, etc.

  • Leeb Hardness Test Block – 1 pc
  • Calibration certificate