Magnetic NDT devices

 Non-destructive magnetic testing allows to perform measuring without any preparation of environment (object). For this purpose NDT instruments are used. They perform all the necessary measurements without physical intervention into environment (object). Here are the main NDT devices: metal analysers, flaw detectors, thickness gauges, hardness testers, X-ray instruments, etc.
Steel structure analyzer NOVOTEST KRC-M2


Application of the magnetic testing devices



Gaussmeter (magnetometer) NOVOTEST MF-1
Magnetic testing devices are used primarily for testing of the objects which are made of ferromagnetic materials, which significantly change its magnetic properties under influence of external magnetic fields. During this kind of testing, magnetization (placing the tested objects into  magnetic field) is mandatory. Readout of information can be done with the full cross section of the sample (product) or its surface shape. Depending on the specific tasks of non-destructive testing, type of tested material, required productivity of the method, different primary informative parameters could be used. There are following, the most common informative parameters: coercive force, magnetization, induction (residual induction), permeability, intensity, Barkhausen effect.
Magnetic flaw detector NOVOTEST MPD-DC