New Android application for UCI hardness testers

NOVOTEST introduces a new approach to quality testing, combining time-tested measurement technology and innovative capabilities using modern digital devices.


Now you can connect UCI hardness tester NOVOTEST T-U3 with Bluetooth to a smartphone running Android and move to a new level of usability of hardness testers!


All functions of the device (measurement, calibration, archiving, setting, etc.) are available in the application, as well as innovative principles of protocoling results, transferring and storing archives, an intuitive interface, a large touch screen, the Internet – all this is now available when using a NOVOTEST hardness tester… Functions that are not available in any hardness tester in the world!


Just imagine, that you are measuring the hardness of a critical site in Seattle. And your boss in Manhattan is awaiting test results for further decision-making on working with a dubious supplier. The results need to be obtained promptly, accurately, with reference to the product and in a convenient way.

Previously, it would take eternity: write it down on a piece of paper, designate the tested object, find a PC, create a file in the appropriate program, enter data, create formulas for calculating statistical data, go to the mail, write a letter, attach a file and send.

Now, you go to the test site with a hardness tester and a smartphone. Do tests, take pictures of the product and automatically tie hardness to places on the product, record audio notes in order to quickly save the necessary information without using the keyboard, then shoot a video of the tested object for clarity of inconsistencies. Save measurements to the instrument’s database, which is automatically synchronized with the PC in the Manhattan office.

While you are finishing the inspection, your boss is already watching the video from the measurement site, and also simultaneously watching the measurement results of your colleague, who went to inspect another product in Texas. Now it only remains to make a decision on further actions with a dubious supplier.


In the evening, at the hotel, you prepare a report for the customer – you just press one button in the application and the report is ready. And you can immediately send it to the mail or WhatsApp you need.

Hardness testing with comprehensive online documentation worldwide. There are opportunities that you could not even imagine before.


P.S. The devices will be available in early 2021, discounts are available for pre-orders!