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NOVOTEST Lab – application for Android

The Novotest Lab application is designed to expand the functionality of NOVOTEST devices. Using a Bluetooth connection, your smartphone is able to control all the functionality of the device. In addition, Novotest Lab allows you not only to configure and calibrate the device, view the measurement results, but also create a complete report on the measurements, having access to the Internet, send the saved protocol by mail or messenger, touch screen, camera, microphone, GPS receiver and many other functions of your smartphone will be used with the device.

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The app works with all NOVOTEST devices equipped with a Bluetooth module. By connecting your smartphone with the Novotest Lab application to devices, you will get a full-fledged working interface with many previously unavailable functions.


Detailed information in the measurement mode

The display of measurement results can be presented like graph, as well as the histogram and statistics. The statistics mode is an automatic calculation of the maximum, minimum, average values of the series and the number of measurements.

In the measurement mode, user can select the units, material or scale of the displayed value.

In order to do not constantly monitor the display during operation, the application has a function of voice recording of measurement results with many voice settings.


Convenient calibration mode

Novotest Lab has a convenient and intuitive interface that does not require training before starting work. The application allows user to calibrate the device, create backup copies of calibrations to resume calibration in case of incorrect settings in the future, adjust the measurement parameters.

Even an untrained user can calibrate the device using the Novotest Lab app by following the step-by-step instructions in the smartphone.


Saving testing results to archive

When saving measurements, user can add the following information – a picture of the tested object with the marking places of the obtained measurement values, video records, text and audio notes with special comments, geolocation in Google maps, name of the organization, operator’s name and signature.

Each saved measurement can be given a name. The saved data in the archive can be arranged by name or by date.


Measurement report

The application has function of creation a measurement protocol with all the necessary information about the measurements performed. This protocol can be opened by any Novotest Lab user in the application, as well as be exported to a universal CSV or PDF formats.


Share readings in a single click

Any saved recording can be simply shared by sending it as a file via messengers or e-mail, or be printed on any office printer. The printed protocol has a special QR-code that will allow to open the records in Novotest Lab or the web version of the archive, and get acces to the video records, audio comments and other information of protocol.

An example of an archive record can be found at the link: PROTOCOL

Online archive

You can view the archive of measurements at any time on any device from the cloud storage.

The demo of online archive service is available at – https://demo.novotest.info/list/

With the online archive user can: view archive like a list, get access the records located on the map at the place of measurements, view the archive of measurements like a calendar, share a link to the record in the archive, generate a report in PDF or CSV format, and also view individual records of archives that have been shared with you as a link or QR-code.

The online archive service is available at ONLINE ARCHIVE

Online Archive

Executors service

Search for the nearest users ready to provide his services for testing with the NOVOTEST devices they have.

Finding a route in Google maps and accompanying to the location of the user performing testings to order.

If you have a NOVOTEST device, you also can register in the app and become a executor who can provide special service.

  • Configuring all device parameters using a smartphone
  • Calibration of devices with storing them in memory and transferring them between devices
  • Backing up calibrations
  • Restoring calibrations from backup copies in case of their damage
  • Step-by-step instructions to make the calibration
  • Convenient and intuitive interface that does not require special skills to get started
  • Constant updates and new features
  • Details of measurements
  • Unique possibilities for documenting results
  • Built-in report generator
  • Send results in one click
  • Archive of results in smartphone and PC
  • On-line archive
  • Service of executors

All you need is a device based on Android version 6 and higher, and a NOVOTEST device with a bluetooth module.

The latest version of NOVOTEST Lab is always available on Google Play.





The app is compatible with the following devices:







  TP-2020-1 TP-2020-1

By purchasing a device with a Bluetooth module, you don’t need additional devices to use NOVOTEST Lab, you just need to download the application and install it on your device.


Also, in addition to the Android application, you are provided with access to the web version of the archive, and the service of executors. This will allow to use the service from any device and with any operating system.

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