• Peel Adhesion Tester NOVOTEST AP-4219
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Peel Adhesion Tester NOVOTEST AP-1M

Adhesion tester AP-1M is designed to measure the adhesive strength value of the coatings on different structures, as well as to determine the adhesion value of polymeric insulating tapes which are generally used for pipes insulation. Adhesion tester AP-1M is reliable and easy in operation.


Design of the instrument

Adhesion tester AP-1M consists of a body with removable clamp for holding the peelable strip of tested material with built-in dynamo-meter were breakout force is displayed. The design of the instrument allows user to set (control) the angle of peeling.


The dynamo-meter’s scale is applied to pull the rod, that significantly improves it’s usability, compared to existing analogues: user’s hand never overrides the scale of the instrument. Adhesion tester has reliable construction of stainless steel, that guarantees it’s long life. The design of instrument allows user to operate at low temperatures or conditions of high humidity and dust.

  • Durability of design
  • Easy in operation


  • samples for testing are tubes with a protective coating of polymeric tapes;
  • adhesion testing is performed at three points at a distance at least 0.5 m from each other;
  • adhesion value of protective coating is characterized with a peel force of insulating strip with defined width;
  • user moves the instrument through a pipe, peel off a undercut strip on a length of 100 mm, measure the peel force and visually determine the character of disruption (adhesion, cohesive, mixed).


Types of disruption:

  • Adhesion character of disruption – exfoliation up to the metal.
  • Cohesive character of disruption – exfoliation up to a gluing lawyer or primer.
  • Mixed character of disruption – the combination of adhesive and cohesive characters of disruption.


The adhesion value A, N / cm (kgf / cm) of insulating coatings is determined by the formula –

A = F / b, wherein:

          F – peel force, N (kgf);

          b – width of peelable tape, cm.


The value of peel adhesion of the insulating coating is the arithmetic average of three measurements.

  • Knife
  • Template for incision
  • Adhesion tester
  • Knife
  • Template for incision
  • Operating manual