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Rockwell Hardness Tester NOVOTEST TS-R

Rockwell Hardness Tester NOVOTEST TS-R implements the Rockwell hardness test method in line with ISO 6508-2 and ASTM E18. 

The metal hardness test method is based on the testing of resistance to indentation. The Rockwell hardness tester TS-R is reliable, easy in operation and service. 

TS-R is a bench-type hardness tester on a rigid rack. TS-R allows measuring the hardness value by three hardness scales (HRA, HRB, and HRC) with loads of 60, 100, and 150 kgf. The device has 2 indeters: a classical Rockwell diamond indenter with the 120-degrees tip, and the indenter with hard-alloy ball tip of 1/16 inch (1.5875 mm) in diameter.
The operator can see the results of hardness testing on the large, easy-to-read dial. The testers offer high sensitivity and stability and are suitable for testing in workshops and laboratories. 


Key Features of NOVOTEST TS-R:


Wide coverage of hardness values 

The range of Rockwell scales of Analog Rockwell Hardness Tester NOVOTEST TS-R is wide – HRA / HRB / HRC scales cover the Vickers scale in its entirety. The measurement value obtained can be also manually recalculated into Vickers or Brinell scale by the ASTM table of conversion. 


Simplicity of use and measurements 

The measurement using TS-R is pure simplicity – users set the test force quickly and conveniently by the special knob, and the test force is applied by the weights installed on the rod. The measurement result is displayed on the easy-to-read analog dial. The Rockwell hardness test employed in this model does not provide for the measurement of the imprints, so it is widely used in the hardness testing industry. Also, test objects shall not be perfectly machined for the testing, and this can be winning in comparison with Vickers methods, where measure the dimensions of the print with a microscope and require surface polishing. 


A wide variety of test parts 

The device can be used to test the hardness of almost any metal. It is mainly suitable for the measurement of the hardness of smaller parts yet the thickness of the test object should be 10 times thicker than the indentation depth. Rockwell testing is applicable to the parts with medium roughness and such metals as steel, hard cast irons, pearlitic malleable iron, titanium, deep case hardened steel and other material.


№1 choice 

The simple construction and absence of electronic parts, as well as the simple measurement procedure make Analog Rockwell Hardness Tester NOVOTEST TS-R  №1 choice among users. What is more, the device is the most affordable among all the other benchtop hardness testers and it is suitable for most test objects. The operation is simple and fast, and no electronics are involved in the measurement. So the device is fully autonomous and can work even without a power supply. The durable and solid build ensures a long service life and error-free operation. 


2 indenters for 2 Rockwell scales 

The presence of 2 Rockwell indenters in the delivery set allows using the device for HRA, HRB and HRC scales. The Rockwell indenter with 1/16 inch ball at the tip allows getting readings under HRB hardness scale in the range 20-80 HRB. The major load regarding this hardness scale is 100 kgf. This scale is useful in measurement of the hardness of materials such as copper alloys, soft steels, aluminum and its alloys, and malleable iron. The Rockwell indenter with a diamond cone at the tip is used for higher loads up to 150 kgf. This scale is useful in measuring the hardness of materials such as steel, hard cast iron, pearlitic malleable iron, titanium, deep case-hardened steel, and other hard materials.

  • High measurement accuracy
  • Wide range of measurements
  • Device is very usable and reliable, through the use high quality materials in the manufacturing
  • Significant advantages from other methods of hardness testing of tempered steels
  • Device allows users to test steel samples after various heat treatments
  • Device allows test blocks verification for calibration of portable hardness tester
  • Easy and fast operation without measurement of imprint
  • The product is long-lasting thanks to the high-quality materials and simple design
  • Reliable and simple solid construction without  electronic parts
  • The best price of all other models of hardness testers
  • The most commonly used hardness tester
  • Suitability for the majority of test objects  
  • No power supply is needed for the operation
  • Rockwell conical diamond indenter with a 120° apex angle
  • Rockwell hard alloy steel ball indenter (d=1.5875 mm or 1/16 inch)
Test forces
  • 588.4 N (60 kg)
  • 980.7 N (100 kg)
  • 1471 N (150 kg)
Scales and ranges 
  • 20-88 HRA
  • 20-100 HRB
  • 20-70 HRC
Conversion to other scales Manual conversion by the conversion tables for Brinell and Vickers scales
Measurement accuracy
  • 20-75 HRA: ±2 HRA
  • 75-88 HRA: ±1.5 HRA
  • 20-45 HRB: ±4 HRB
  • 45-80 HRB: ±3 HRB
  • 80-100 HRB: ±2 HRB
  • 20-70 HRC: ±1.5 HRC
Resolution 0.1
Dwell time 5~60 sec
Testing materials
  • Cemented carbides, thin steel, shallow case-hardened steel
  • Copper alloys, soft steels, aluminum alloys, malleable iron
  • Steel, hard cast irons, titanium, deep case-hardened steel
Maximum height of the test object 200 mm (optionally up to 400 mm)
Maximum depth of the test object 165 mm
Data output Dial indicator
Type  Mechanical, analog
Power supply Not required
Recommended operating conditions
  • Air temperature: 0…+40 °С
  • Air pressure: 94 – 106.7 kPa
  • Humidity: up to 65%
Net weight ~ 55 kg 
Gross weight ~ 65 kg
Package dimensions 630 x 500 x 860 mm
Color Blue
  • Rockwell conical diamond indenter with a 120° apex angle
  • Rockwell hard alloy steel ball indenter (d=1.5875 mm or 1/16 inch)
  • A device modification with other Rockwell scales
  • Rockwell hardness test blocks (HRC, HRA, HRB and other scales)
  • A, B, C weights
  • Large testing table (d=150 mm)
  • Medium testing table (d=60 mm)
  • V-shaped testing table (d=40 mm)
  • Modification with the measurement height up to 400 mm
  • Bolt adjusters
  • Calibration certificate for the device and/or hardness test blocks from an independent metrology agency
  • Rockwell Hardness Tester NOVOTEST TS-R – 1 pc 
  • Rockwell diamond indenter with a 120-degree apex angle – 1 pc 
  • Rockwell hard alloy steel ball indenter (d = 1.5875 mm or 1/16 inch) – 1 pc 
  • Weight A, B, C – 1 pc each
  • Large testing table (d=150 mm) – 1 pc
  • Medium testing table (d=60 mm) – 1 pc 
  • V-shaped testing table – 1 pc 
  • Rockwell hardness test blocks:
    HRB: 90±10 – 1pc
    – HRC: 25±5 – 1 pc
    – HRC: 65±5 – 1 pc
  • Bolt adjuster – 4 pcs
  • Operation manual
  • Transportation box