• Shore Durometer NOVOTEST TS-A
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Shore Durometer NOVOTEST TS-A

The Shore Durometer is one of the modern non-destructive testing instruments for measuring of the hardness of soft materials at the workshops and laboratories. This device can be used in various areas of modern industry.

Shore Durometer NOVOTEST TS-A complies with ISO-7619, ISO-868, DIN 53505, ASTM D2240, and JIS K7215.

The measurement principle of the hardness is based on the calculation of material’s resistance to the indenter penetration to a preset load.

Wide range of applications and materials

Shore Durometer NOVOTEST TS-A applies for measurements by Scale A (Shore A) and D (Shore D). This makes it applicable to a wide range of elastomers and polymers.
Here are some examples of materials which hardness is tested by Shore A scale:

  • Soft rubber, elastomers, silicone, neoprin, vinyl, butyl, nitrile, soft plastics, leather, wax, etc.
  • Rubber bands
  • Can tester pads
  • Rubber stamps
  • Pencil erasers
  • Screen wiper blades
  • Automotive tires
  • Shoe heels
  • Abrasive handling pads
  • Shoe soles
  • Tap washers
  • Typewriter rollers
  • Forklift solid tires

The Shore D scale is used for harder rubbers and plastics. There is a crossover between the A and D scale, with materials softer than 50D (approximately equivalent to 95A) expressed using the A scale. Any material harder than this follows the Shore D scale. Materials harder than 65D usually feel completely rigid and do not have the flexibility and surface flex. At the top end of the Shore D scale, a transition is made to the Rockwell scale where materials such as nylons and acetals are found. Harder materials offer a much greater resistance to flex making them an ideal choice for applications such as impact protection and metal replacement. Applications include mechanical products such as gear wheels and cogs, and castors and wheels.
The typical applications of Shore hardness testing by Scale D:

  • Rubber, resin, glass, PCB, fibers, plastics, etc.
  • Golf ball, metal forming wiper dies, paper-making rolls

Two models of Shore Durometer NOVOTEST TS-A – Shore A and Shore D make the device applicable for different types of materials, with different hardness and elasticity, from rubber, resin, glass, PCB, fibers, plastics, etc.

Measurement range, Shore scale A/D 0 – 100 
Resolution 0.5
Measurement accuracy 1
Power supply LR44 1.5 V
Operating temperature range 0…+35 °С
Dimensions, max 115 х 60 х 25 mm
Weight of device, max 0.3 kg

Shore Durometer NOVOTEST TS-C is available in two versions: Shore A (for soft rubber, silicone, soft plastics, leather etc.) and Shore D (for glass, PCB, plastics etc.).

Shore Durometer also can be equipped with Shore Hardness Test Stand NOVOTEST. The test stand allows improving accuracy and repeatability of results.
A Shore Durometer with a stand is the optimal choice. Thanks to the test stand, users can apply equal load, increase the measurement accuracy, and avoid human error during the load application.

Shore Hardness Test Blocks for checking the measurement accuracy of the device, by scales Shore A and/or Shore D.

  • Shore durometer
  • Operating manual
  • Case