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Shore Hardness Test Stand

Shore Hardness Testing Stand is the accessory unit for Shore hardness testers (scale A and D). It is specially designed for Shore Durometer NOVOTEST TS-A and Shore Durometer NOVOTEST TS-C. Using testing stand makes measurement more stable and accurate, also it gives better repeatability of measurements.

With stand user can set the unified load and increase the measurement accuracy eliminating measurement errors, which come with operating the device manually.

Lever of the stand gives unified load and it is used to adjust the height of the Shore Durometer in accordance to the thickness of testing samples.

There are available two models of Shore Test stands for two different scales: Shore A and Shore D. Each model is suitable for certain scale (Shore A or Shore D) only. Test Stand for Shore A and Shore D are two different models.

Shore Hardness Test Stand is very useful for measurements with Shore durometers.

In the most cases using Shore Durometer with stand is the optimal choice, because of the operator’s errors during measurements are much decreased, and lets to get more accurate result.

The unit has simple design and high-quality parts.

Range of set height 15 mm
Maximum height for the testing object 63 mm
Diameter of the support plate 75 mm
Samples requirements
  • thickness should be more than 6 mm
  • surface has to be smooth
Dimensions, LxWxH 150*110*250 mm
Packing dimensions 400*300*200 mm
Gross weight of the package
  • Shore A – 5 kg
  • Shore D – 9.8 kg
    (Shore A and Shore D are two different models)

User can order the stand for other types of Shore hardness testers.

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