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Brinell Hardness Test Blocks HB

Hardness testing blocks are designed for metals hardness testers calibration.


There are availabe different nominal values of the blocks, such as: 100HB, 200HB, 300HB, 400HB, 600HB and others.


The blocks meet ASTM E10 standard.

  • Competitive price
  • Wide range of values and loads
Hardness value Load, kg Diameter of ball, mm Exposure, s Hardness range Dimension, mm
HB: 400±50 3000 10 10 3,0% 120×75х12
HB: 200±50 3000 10 10 3,0% 120х75х12
HB: 100±25 1000 10 10 4,0% 120х75х12

If user need another range of values or loads, please discuss the order before payment.

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