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Pipe Impact Tester NOVOTEST STRIKE U1-4219

Impact Tester NOVOTEST STRIKE U1-4219 is intended for testing the strength of coatings upon impact on pipelines during their installation and operation. NOVOTEST STRIKE U1-4219 allows testing directly on the pipeline and does not require the manufacture of samples.

According the standard, it is recommended to test the strength of coatings upon impact together with checking the continuity of the coating after impact using the Pulse Holiday Detector NOVOTEST SPARK-1.

The device is mounted on three adjustable feet-screws, so STRIKE U1-4219 can be installed on a flat surface (in the case of testing samples), and directly on a pipe of any diameter.

The impact test device is made of structural steel and coated with powder paint, which guarantees its durability and adaptability to operation in difficult field conditions.



Operating method

The tests can be performed in two ways:

  • By principle destroyed / not destroyed, when the test is performed at set up height and a certain weight of sinker (test coating for compliance with the specific requirements)
  • Test for define the minimum drop height with a gradual increasing the height of the falling and the minimum weight of sinker at which the coating was cracked or exfoliated from the painted surface



Install the required sinker at the desired height. If necessary, use required restrictors to limit the depth of the indentation. Put the tested plate outside (direct hit) or inside (back side hit) on the anvil cover. Holding the tested plate at this position by a presser coupling. Release the sinker and allows it to fall on the tested plate, which is lying on the anvil. After that inspect the coating with the magnifying glass.

General specifications of the Impact Tester NOVOTEST STRIKE U1-4219

Compliance with standards DSTU 4219, GOST 51164
Weight 10 kg
Instrument scale length 500 mm
Graduation 10 mm
Ball diameter 16 mm

It is possible to manufacture the device with any other values of the diameters of the balls, the mass of the load and the length of the scale of the device. Specify the required parameters when placing an order in the basket.

  • device;
  • manual;
  • packaging container.