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UCI Probe Test Stand NOVOTEST

NOVOTEST UCI probe Test Stand is used to measure the hardness of superthin sheet products. It can be used with any UСI probes which are equipped with NOVOTEST hardness testers. The point is that the thin wall of the product, when the UCI probe indenter is indented into it, does not provide sufficient impedance (it deforms under the load of the probe). In order to compensate for this deformation, this device is used.

To ensure a snug fit to the stand base, we recommend to use couplants that have to be applied to the back side of the product. Firmly tighten the clamping screw of the stand, remove the nozzle from the UCI probe and install the probe in the corresponding groove to do test. For correct measurements, it is necessary to carry out at least 3 measurements in the mode of averaging values. Each new measurement of the series should be performed in a new place, to do it need to loos the clamping screw of the stand, and shift the product a few millimeters from the previous measurement.

In the most cases using UCI probes along with the stand during testing of small parts, is the optimal choice, because the operator errors while measurements significantly decreasing, that leads to the most accurate result.
The unit has simple design and high-quality parts.

Maximum height of the testing objects 15 mm
Maximum depth of the testing objects 110 mm
Dimensions, LxWxH 300*70*50 mm
Net weight 1.8 kg

If You have any specific requirements, please mention it in your order.

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