• Viscosity Dip Cup NOVOTEST VZ-P
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Submersible Viscosity Flow Cup NOVOTEST VZ-246P

Viscosity Dip Cup NOVOTEST VZ-246P is used for the rapid testing of the conditional viscosity of a large batch of products where it is necessary to evaluate viscosity as quickly as possible. It can also be used for liquids in use (oil baths of moving parts), hot liquids and others, where the use of Viscosity Cup in the standard version may be difficult.

The method for determining the conditional viscosity using a viscosity cup is to measure the time the paint (or other liquid) expands through the nozzle of the tank.

The measurement is carried out by immersing the device into the material, and measuring the time of expiration of the material through a specific nozzle. With this method, the measurement accuracy is degraded, in comparison with the standard type of device, but the speed of testing is significantly increased.

Viscosity Dip Cup NOVOTEST VZ-P 3
  • Simplicity of design
  • Rapid testing
  • Production under customer requirements
Overall dimensions (without legs), mm Ø78х70
 Mass of the device, not more, kg 0,2
 Cup capacity, cm3 100 ±1
Expiration time range, s 12 – 300
 Nozzle diameter, mm 2,000 ±0,012 4,000 ±0,015 6,000 ±0,015
 The range of time of fluid flow, s 70 – 300 12 – 200 20 – 200
 Nozzle height, mm 4,000 ±0,015 4,000 ±0,015 4,000 ±0,015
 Viscosity Flow Cup Operating Conditions
 Air temperature, ° С from +10 to +35
Relative humidity, % to 80 at 25 °С
  • Viscosity cup is available in two models: on a tripod (Viscosity Flow Cup NOVOTEST VZ-246) and a submersible type (Viscosity Dip Cup NOVOTEST VZ-246P)
  • Viscosity Dip Cup NOVOTEST VZ-P is also available to order in aluminum version



  • Viscosity flow cup
  • Nozzles: 2mm, 4mm, 6mm
  • Handle
  • Operating manual