• Viscosity Dip Cup NOVOTEST VZ-P
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Viscosity Dip Cup NOVOTEST VZ-P

Viscosity Dip Cup NOVOTEST VZ-P is designed for rapid determination of the relative viscosity (flow time) paints and other related products (Newtonian liquids).

Viscosity cup could be manufactured in compliance with: DIN 53211-87 (DIN 4), UNE ISO DIN 2431, ASTM D 120087 (FORD), ASTM D 4212-93 (ZHAN).


Viscosity cup is available in two models: on a tripod – Viscosity Flow Cup NOVOTEST VZ and a submersible type Viscosity Dip Cup NOVOTEST VZ-P.

Viscosity cup is a reservoir shaped like a funnel with three exchangeable nozzles. Viscosity Dip Cup NOVOTEST VZ-P is produced from stainless steel.


The operating principle of the viscometer is based on determining the time of the expiration of a certain volume of the test liquid through the nozzle.

Viscosity cup – one of the fundamental parameters measuring tool of consumables. When working with varnishes and liquid inks (flexo) it is used to measure the viscosity of the funnel. The viscosity value is determined by the number of seconds (the time at which the liquid runs out of the crater-filled).

Conventional viscosity of paints, is measured by time of continuous flowing (in seconds) of definite quantity of test material through the calibrated nozzle of viscometer. Kinematic viscosity is determined by formulas or by tables and graphs according to  measured flow time.

  • Simplicity of design
  • Usability of measure
  • High measuring accuracy
  • Variations of orifices sizes according to the standards
Range off low time, s 25-150
Nozzle diameter, mm 4
Measurement range cSt: 90-682
Measurement accuracy not more than ± 3 arithmetic average flow time
Weight, kg 0.2
  • Viscosity cup is available in two models: on a tripod (Viscosity Flow Cup NOVOTEST VZ) and a submersible type (Viscosity Dip Cup NOVOTEST VZ-P)
  • Viscosity Dip Cup NOVOTEST VZ-P is also available to order in aluminum version


If user need the viscosity dip cup which is corresponds to other standards, please contact us before ordering to clarify the standard and sizes of orifices.

  • Viscosity cup
  • Three interchangeable nozzles with 2, 4, 6 mm diameters
  • Operating manual
  • Package