• Viscosity Flow Cup NOVOTEST VZ
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Viscosity Flow Cup NOVOTEST VZ-246

An important parameter of lubricants, paints and other liquids is viscosity. This parameter characterizes the ability of materials to resist the movement of one part relative to another. Viscosity Flow Cup NOVOTEST VZ-246 is a device for determining the conditional viscosity of Newtonian fluids.

Also for express testing of hot liquids or monitoring the state of the liquid in operation, there is a Viscosity Flow Cup submersible type

The method for determining the conditional viscosity using a viscosity flow cup is to measure the time the paint expands through the nozzle of the tank. To do this, close the nozzle and fill the cup with paintwork material, then use the glass to remove excess (into a special groove in the upper part of the cup), so that exactly 100 cm3 of material will be in the tank. After opening the nozzle, the outflow of material will begin, it is important to measure the time from the beginning to the end of the expiration of the paint material. Knowing the expiration time of the material, it is possible to determine the conditional viscosity by empirical formulas, graphs and tables.

Viscosity Flow Cup NOVOTEST VZ 7

For ease of use, Viscosity Flow Cup NOVOTEST VZ-246 can be equipped with a special stand, it used for adjustment the level and height of the cup.

  • Simplicity of design
  • Production under various standards and customer requirements


Overall dimensions (without legs), mm Ø78х70
Weight of the device, not more, kg 0,2
Gross weight with the package, not more, kg 0,5
Cup capacity, cm3 100 ±1
Expiration time range, s 12 – 300
 Nozzle diameter, mm 2,000 ±0,012 4,000 ±0,015 6,000 ±0,015
 The range of time of fluid flow, s 70 – 300 12 – 200 20 – 200
 Nozzle height, mm 4,000 ±0,015 4,000 ±0,015 4,000 ±0,015
 Viscosity Flow Cup Operating Conditions
 Air temperature, ° С from +10 to +35
Relative humidity, % to 80 at 25 °С


  • Viscosity cup is available in two models: on a tripod (Viscosity Flow Cup NOVOTEST VZ) and a submersible type (Viscosity Dip Cup NOVOTEST VZ -246P)
  • Viscosity Flow Cup NOVOTEST VZ-246 also may be made from aluminium



  • Viscosity Flow Cup
  • Nozzles: 2mm, 4mm, 6mm
  • Legs
  • Operating manual