What are ultrasonic standard blocks

In general, ultrasonic standard block is an apparatus that allows to configure or to control a number of parameters of ultrasonic testing or to control the equipment used for monitoring. This is achieved due to a certain design and certain properties of the material from which the sample is made.

Ultrasonic standard blocks

The first group of ultrasonic standard blocks includes reference blocks. They have specific strictly regulated geometric dimensions with the indicated tolerances, a specific list of structural elements, certain acoustic properties and the brand of the material.


Usually, when starting to get acquainted with the ultrasound control, specialists come across exactly these reference blocks. Sets of such reference blocks can be used both in a set or separately. In general, the reference blocks serve to adjust, control and model the general parameters of ultrasonic testing. In practice, there are reference blocks, the use of which is regulated by the most diverse normative and technical documents.


The second large group of ultrasonic standard blocks is the calibration blocks. The purpose of the calibration blocks is the same – modeling of the parameters of ultrasonic testing, with only one feature – these samples model the directly controlled object, for example, a weld when welding two elements of a certain thickness. Blocks of this type are not to have certain values of their parameters, but they are to have maximum coincidence in a number of parameters with real products and designs. This includes the dimensions, the number and type of artificial reflectors, the overall dimensions and design of the sample itself, its chemical composition, the grade of the material, the method of production and processing, the acoustic properties, the surface roughness and even the degree of accumulation of fatigue damage, which reflects the real life of the controlled object. For example, in the control of welds, flat reference blocks with a “nicks” type reflector are used, which best imitate surface cracks in the weld zone.


The nomenclature of standard samples of the enterprise is very diverse, the list of normative and technical documentation is also quite large. Therefore, when selecting reference blocks, the relevant regulating norms and documents are selected first, which most closely or accurately describes the object of control and the requirements for its quality.


NOVOTEST is ready to assist our customers in choosing standard samples for a specific task of ultrasonic testing, as well as to produce any samples in accordance with the application.