What problems does ultrasonic testing solve?

The method of ultrasonic testing allows to determine a wide range of features and defects of the tested material. Let’s dwell only on the detection of internal flaws, among which it is:

  1. Search and identification of reflectors.
  2. Determination of its location.
  3. Measurement of its sizes.
  4. Identification of its features (orientation, type, etc.).


What is a “reflector”?

For better understanding, let us give a synonym for the word “reflector” – “discontinuity”.

This concept is interpreted as “improper object in the structure of a testeded object, which may be a defect.”

In fact, only an accurate determination of the location of the defect, its analysis, makes it possible to argue that this is a flaw that may affect the functionality of the testing object.

The term “discontinuity” is used until there are confirming facts that the detected reflector is an unacceptable “defect”.